Honesty. Integrity. Sincerity. Timeliness. Professionalism. Trust.
If you are reading these words, then you're likely giving consideration to hiring VHI Builders for your home-improvement, rehabilitation, and / or construction project. You owe it to yourself to read on, completely and in its entirety, what follows.

My Wife and I met Dave Veilleux (as well as several of his competitors) at a home show in Milford, New Hampshire one weekend late last winter. At that time, we were giving serious consideration to replacing our deck with a screened porch. Of the three contractors we met that day, each promised to follow-up, and two did. Of the two that did, Dave carefully listened to us, and incorporating our requests and suggestions in the design, he personally sketched a conceptual drawing of the porch. Let me reemphasize: Dave listened. The resulting bid that Dave submitted incorporated larger footings and a heavier (meaning sturdier) floor and at less expense than the other contractors. He took the time to explain the who-what-when-where-why of, for example, a footing's depth or the spacing between stringers. The other contractor's demeanor and bid paid no such attention to detail. We have all had experiences in life where we "just know" when a situation is either right or not. In this case, in every category that matters (support and strength of the proposed design, cost, and the all-important need for a feeling of genuine trust and display of sincerity), Dave left his competitors in the dust.

As good as that was, Dave went one giant step further: he invited us into his personal home to see first-hand the quality of the work that he and his team produce. We were impressed as much by the gesture as by the workmanship. The decision to hire VHI Builders was an easy one.

During construction, Dave and his team were always prompt, considerate, polite, and efficient. These are qualities that anyone would expect from a contractor, but the point is, individually and collectively, they unfailingly delivered.

Our screened porch is better, substantially better -- in design, quality of materials, and quality of workmanship -- than anything we imagined before the work began. These are some of the best home-improvement dollars we've ever spent. Our screened porch has improved the quality of our lives. Simply put, the finished product speaks for itself.

Underscoring our satisfaction with the screened porch, we subsequently contracted Dave to build a two-car garage. The very same quality of materials, attention to detail, and workmanship that went into the porch has likewise gone into the garage. They take obvious pride in what they create and want their work to reflect positively on who they are as individuals and as a team. The crisp quality of their work clearly demonstrates that these guys really enjoy what they do. To the extent that a well-designed, well-built, functional structure qualifies as a thing of beauty, then VHI Builders are artisans with power tools. Once again, the finished product speaks for itself.

One screened porch (plus one tiny side porch and several odds-and-ends), and one garage later, our satisfaction is indeed genuine. Dave Veilleux understands that one's reputation and personal integrity are built one day at-a-time. If it isn't right, he'll make it right. His work is a reflection of that understanding; he strives to ensure that both are above reproach and, as a result, they are. He takes his work personally.

Twice-over, these gentleman have delivered to us the fullest measure of honesty, integrity, sincerity, timeliness, professionalism, and some damn fine workmanship. In the process, twice-over they have earned Shirley's and my unwavering trust, respect, and loyalty. Without reservation, I unequivocally and whole-heartedly recommend VHI Builders for your home-improvement, renovation, or construction needs.

They are the real deal. They will not disappoint.

John W. Schultz
Vice-President Transportation
Pan Am Railways


Dear Dave,
Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
Everything -- Windows, Doors, Moldings, Attic is awesome! We absolutely love it and could not be more pleased. You guys are wonderful to work with -- Professional, courteous and talented -- If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use our name.

Thank You Again!
Bonnie + Elliot, Manchester, NH