At VHI Builders, we specialize in Home Window and Door Installation.

By being an accredited Harvey Installer, we guarantee you not only the quality through Harvey products, but also the unbelievable selection of Windows and Doors that will last you a lifetime. All of Harvey Building Products come with their incredible guarantee and quality. We install every form of window you can think of, all custom fitted to your home needs. We love helping you create a whole new outlook on the world, from inside your home!

All of our windows and doors come in a vinyl finish. The windows we install for you not only offer a sleek design that allows for an unobstructed view of the outside, but our vinyl is also top of the line. We use virgin vinyl, which means that your vinyl will not give off a blue-ish hint that some other lesser materials can do. To top it all off, our vinyl windows come with a strength that will last you a lifetime, due to their thick-wall, multi-chamber design.